About Frida Elisabeth Karlsson

A courageous, fully dedicated, young girl with a strong determination to win.

She is tough and competes fearlessly without deference. Frida has what is demanded and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach the top.

Sports has always been a huge part of Frida. Just a few years back, soccer, handball, and running were three out of four alternatives for her to bet for wholeheartedly.

This girl born in 1999, has a true desire and passion for competin.

In the past, Frida has participated in running events in the Swedish colors during at the Youth European Championships (Georgia, 2016) and Finnkampen. From younger age she has competed in Lidingöloppet where she has 7 straight victories.

Eventually, cross-country skiing was closest to her heart and started to get her full attention and dedication. Frida is now a part of Sweden’s national team and more motivated than ever before to keep on developing her skiing.
With this seasons splendid performances, as a 19years old freshly-crowned Junior World Champion to take three medals at the WorldChampionships in Seefeld,

Frida’s future in skiing seems bright. Frida enjoys the hard work and accepts challenges with a positive attitude, making her a great example of someone who was simply born to ski.